Here’s to farmers.

The ones whose DNA runs in rows,

the ones who value pinky swears as much as handshakes,

and the ones who never wanted to be anything but.

Here’s to farmers.

The ones who don’t believe in man’s work,

the ones who’ve never heard of an 8-hour workday,

and the ones who don’t believe the week ends.

Here’s to farmers.

The ones who stand as tall as their fields,

wipe the dedication from their brow,

and whose hearts span beyond their acreage.

Here’s to farmers who never stop growing.

At DuPont Pioneer, we believe in growth. Growth of crops, people and the communities we’re proud to be part of. Here’s to all the men and women who never stop growing.

Here’s to farmers

who value pinky swears
as much as handshakes.

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Here’s to...

Lauren Camara

Cory Ill

Darrell Wade


Trevor W

Skip Dickerson

rick van gorp

Chris Duchaine

Stu MacMillan

Maxwell Gordon

Oliver Closov

Greg Blonde Sr

Edgar Bedford

Lorne Faust

Robert Snow

Gerry doherty

Stu MacMillan Seeds

Stuart MacMillan

Phil Washburn

Michael Moore

Derrick Friesen

Shea Schneider

Dick Dickenson

Schell Brothers

John Deprez

Andrew Durocher

Sherry MacMillan

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