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Bold rebranding helps cut
through the clutter

Operating in the Canadian tele-communications market, a space dominated by corporate monopolies notorious for their inflexible plans, TekSavvy Solutions Inc.’s refreshing alternative of lower prices, better service and no contracts quickly made them a favourite among high-bandwidth users who helped them gain new business, largely via word of mouth.

After Milestone won TekSavvy’s business in 2012, research made it clear that they had a challenger mentality that needed to be brought to life in a new branding campaign.

Unique personalities
speak to customers

The Milestone team worked with TekSavvy marketing director, Tina Furlan, to create an approved brand story centered around the core idea of being different, in a good way.

We created six distinctive personalities that could deliver the TekSavvy brand story in a fun, cheeky and memorable way. We took the personality of each TekSavvy character to the nth degree with the goal of making them that much more interesting, engaging and unforgettable.

Stopping power

The buzz online would suggest that we met our mark. Positive comments began appearing in, an Internet forum where customers share ISP (Internet Service Provider) reviews, news and tech information, less than a month after the campaign launch.

This Facebook post from Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist for the Globe and Mail, also speaks to the attention-grabbing power of the TekSavvy rebranding:

“Cheaper Internet? Saw an ad on a bus the other day for an independent Internet Service provider called TekSavvy. Seems to be cheaper than Internet from a cable or phone company. Anyone know anything about TekSavvy?”

According to a Huffington Post article from November 13, 2012, Toronto subway riders were even stealing TekSavvy ads as souvenirs. This led to development of a Facebook promotion that asked people to complete a survey in order to receive a favourite character poster. The promotion received more than 10,000 entries.

From user Tx:

“Marc, who’s (sic) idea was this? This is miles better than anything in the past. You’ll be creating an image for Teksavvy now, something people will remember and it’s brilliant.”

Success by numbers

Beyond anecdotal comments, the real proof of the campaign’s success is in the numbers. After TekSavvy launched their new branding in August of 2012, they saw results quickly:

  1. Sales jumped 180% in the first month and consistently continued to outpace growth projections, going up more than 400% in some months
  2. Sales doubled within the first 3 months
  3. Orders placed consistently outperformed the same month from the previous year

We continue to work with TekSavvy on their marketing programs, helping them to get their unique message in front of consumers.

Interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at a branding photo shoot? Check out the video from the TekSavvy character shoot.