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Ontario Turkey
goes on tour

Summertime is barbecue season in Ontario. This, coupled with the reality that people are spending as much time as possible outside, prompted the Milestone team to pitch an idea to their client, Ontario Turkey: run a guerilla activation campaign.

Tasting is believing

The idea was to outfit a food truck with the Ontario Turkey branding and send it to key locations and events to hand out free turkey sliders. We wanted to create a fun and highly visible way to give people a taste of what makes turkey such an excellent menu choice, while encouraging them to try cooking with super-nutritious Ontario Turkey on a regular basis. In the end, the Turkey on Tour truck gave away close to 40,000 turkey sliders at over 50 locations between June 28 – August 11.

Consistent, continual messaging

The Turkey on Tour program was an extension of the original campaign Milestone created for Ontario Turkey back in early 2011, as a way to help turkey break out of its center-of-the-holiday-table rut and get consumers thinking about it as an everyday food. The result was Ontario Turkey Makes it Super, a campaign that promoted turkey as a nutritional powerhouse that is high in flavour, low in fat, sodium and cholesterol, and packed with nutrients that our bodies need. Marketing efforts encouraged consumers to “Make the Super Switch” by considering how all the different cuts of turkey available to them could be easily substituted for the proteins in their favourite recipes.

Stopped the decline

The Make it Super message was delivered through multiple channels, including television, Out of Home (OOH) advertising, in-store marketing and sampling, as well as labeling on turkey products. Before the launch, turkey consumption in Ontario had been flat or steadily declining for 35 years. After the rebranding, turkey enjoyed steady growth in brand awareness, purchase and consumption:

  • Approximately 60% of consumers polled were able to recall the campaign
  • Consumers that are aware of turkey as a “super food” say they purchase turkey more often and use it in a variety of ways/meal occasions
  • More consumers are purchasing turkey, with consumption also increasing in Non-Target consumers
  • Stores participating in the in-store sampling enjoyed a 6X sales spike in turkey products during the sampling period, with the trend continuing after sampling

Ontario Turkey continues to use the Make it Super branding that Milestone created in all of their marketing today.