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TORONTO, ON – April 18, 2019 – He’s an icon of the seafood aisle. He’s been a part of Canadian meals since the 1970’s. And he just got a fresh new look that’s already turning heads. That’s right, Canada, there’s a new Captain High Liner in town.

“High Liner is one of our country’s most beloved and trusted brands and the Captain plays a significant role in that,” says Craig Murray, Senior Vice President Marketing & Innovation at High Liner Foods. “We wanted the brand’s visual identity to reflect our modern product line and our passion for seafood.”

And passion is what they got. Consumers reacted with delight at the new look. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that it’s still the same Captain. However, many on social media were quick to point out that the Captain’s new look, sans hat and turtleneck, is turning heads.

“We appreciate the attention and that people like him,” laughs Murray. “He is the same trustworthy Captain, but now people see him in a new light. His look fits our ‘young at heart’ personality. He reflects that we are a modern brand creating new and inspiring seafood products.”

The revamped icon comes as part of a major refresh of the High Liner brand and coincides with High Liner Foods’ 120th anniversary this year.

“The new look of the High Liner brand is an exciting and dramatic refresh,” notes Stacy Barr, Partner at Milestone. “But it was never about creating a new Captain or changing him too much. We wanted people to see what was always there. He’s the Captain Canadians know and love. We just let him shine with a trim and a fresh wardrobe.”

High Liner Foods is championing the incredible taste, versatility and role of seafood on Canadian plates. Along with new product innovation and brand-new packaging, they are launching their new Seafood is Better positioning with a fully-integrated marketing launch.

“We believe that seafood is better,” says Murray. “And we are on a mission to inspire Canadians to enjoy seafood like never before.”

New Highliner Logo
“Consumers reacted with delight at the new look.”

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