Walk a miles(stone) in our shoes.
Walk a mile(stone) in our shoes. 5 easy steps to get your customized 'Stoner Kicks:'
  1. Read the design brief below (you want to walk in our shoes, right?)
  2. Head to Nike By You
  3. Select a model
  4. Customize your sweet new sneakers to your heart’s content
  5. Use the gift card to complete your purchase
The Ask: Design your own kick-ass custom kicks on Nike By You. The Budget: Don't worry about it, it's on us. (we are covering upt to $250 of your custom gear)
The Creative: personalized touches, pops of color, custom accents
KPI: Having a happy holiday and a lovely New Year with friends and family. Contact: Your friends at Milestone. Appendix: See below for some Milestone inspired examples. Just click on them to see what we've built
The Cool guy by Roger Simmons The Go Get'er by Erin Ramsammy
The Creative by Anne Onn The Legend by Stacy Barr
Nothing to see down here. Get back to designing your kicks. Oh...and Happy Holidays