How to design an office space that inspires serious creativity.

Welcome to Milestone Integrated’s brand new downtown digs.

In the spacious “Unbored” room ‘Stoners debate over what makes a particular unremarkable product totally remarkable. Meanwhile, a brainstorming session takes place – as someone rushes to scribble down thoughts on an orangeboard (it’s like a whiteboard, but Milestone Orange™, of course). All around, ideas are flowing and the creative energy is practically oozing out of the walls.

Our new office space was designed to foster increased collaboration and creativity, and reminds us (quite literally) to strive to be legendary every single day. Let’s take a closer look at what makes it so awesome – and what ideas you can steal to make your office a better place to work.
Open communication is essential in our line of work, so we opted for an ultra open-concept floor plan in the new space.
You can achieve this vibe without breaking the bank. Get creative – take down some cubicle walls and consider arranging desks to face each other. It’s amazing how stimulating it can be when you can see and hear each other versus staring at an off-white wall all day (we know, we know – it’s eggshell, not off-white).
This one speaks for itself. While we’re fairly anti-inspirational posters in these parts, the bold message perfectly articulates how we approach things.
Is there a mantra or saying that really speaks to what your company is all about? Consider broadcasting it loud and proud in your workspace, so people can feel motivated every day (swearing not required).
When designing the new space, a dedicated brainstorming spot was at the top of the list. A central location was key, so that anyone and everyone could see, hear and contribute – even those not working on the project. And in true Milestone fashion, a plain old whiteboard simply wouldn’t do. This high-end alternative comes to us from Chicago.
All around, ideas are flowing and the creative energy is practically oozing out of the walls

No matter what size your space is, some big ideas can be born when you incorporate a designated spot for great minds to collaborate.
Our patio, dubbed “The Big Deck”, serves as the perfect place to take a break and recharge, eat lunch, brainstorm or work on your tan (wearing SPF, we practice safe sun!).
If you have an outdoor space of your own, consider incorporating it as one of your "meeting room" options. Don’t have a patio? Try the increasingly popular walking meetings to boost moods and productivity.
They say clothes make the man. While an office certainly doesn’t make this agency, having a killer space definitely doesn’t hurt.