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A single hat became the red thread of the campaign. We designed the green Pioneer Here’s to Farmers hat that you see in each execution as an ode to the campaign and brought it to life across extended events and OOH activations.

Reps spread the love by handing out the hat at trade shows and in their home territories.

Engagement was high at a grass-roots level as visitors showed their support at local farm shows.

#HeresToFarmers gives farmers a reason to share… and smile.


Farmers posted their love for the campaign on social media, generating thousands of free impressions for the campaign. #HeresToFarmers also quickly became a common mention in Pioneer-related social posts, cementing Pioneer’s position as the seed brand for all farmers.


On social, our audience praised the prominent inclusion of women farmers in the campaign, saying the imagery was trailblazing and gave them goosebumps. Followers shared their appreciation for depicting these often unsung heroes and posted using tags such as #WomeninAg, #FarmHer, and @AgWomensNetwork.

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