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Jordans Morning Crisp nuts and clusters
Jordans Morning Crisp in-store poster


Being a challenger takes guts. But when it’s meaningful and created as a true expression of the brand, it can be immensely powerful. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, it’s more fun to be a pirate than join the navy.

Jordans Morning Crisp strawberries and cluster

Jordans took on marketplace giants and delivered double-digit sales growth. Now that’s tasty.

Jordans Morning Crisp in-store POS pre-packs
Jordans Morning Crisp in-store shelf blade signage
Jordans Morning Crisp transport truck decal

National partnership promotions, like those with Sunwing and Yogurty’s, drove a 31% month-to-month sales increase.

Jordans Morning Crisp flavour banners
Jordans Morning Crisp cluster banner image

Our Ultimate Family Sleepover Giveaway earned a 197% increase in opt-in email permissions, with promotions gaining 11% follower growth and a 44% increase in engagement year-over-year.

Jordans Morning Crisp in-store POS pre-pack displays
Jordans Morning Crisp and Sunwing Vacations giveaway mobile landing page

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