We knew we wanted to build it up.
So before the new Captain dropped,
we launched an integrated teaser campaign.


We strategically chose to keep almost everything the same but still create a massive transformation. We knew the impact would be awesome. The brand was iconic. But it was dated and dragging the brand down. To get people to take notice, it had to be remarkable. Yet. at the same time, it had to be incredibly smart and considered.

The conversation on social media reached over 3M Canuks. Thousands commented on his sexy new look, establishing an engaged online community for High Liner.


The competition had been copying High Liner's packaging, creating a sea of blue on shelf. So as part of the new identity, we redesigned the entire portfolio with vibrant colours and tasty, dynamic photography to ensure it dominates the frozen seafood aisle.

Dynamic food photography loaded with taste appeal brought tons of energy to our packaging, and guaranteed we stood out from the competition on shelf.


We had a very small budget. Yet, with a smart strategy and astute thinking we affected every part of the brand across every channel. And the results were astonishing. Even Bay Street investors took note. We added incredible corporate stock value to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Cha-ching!

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