We leveraged new photography shot in warm, inviting settings and featuring subjects that align with our target audience demographic. We also developed a unique typography style for the rebrand that feels fresh and modern.

We focused on easily-digestible education pieces, explaining how brewing Pour-Over™ coffee is easy to do right at home.

We revitalized their social media with gorgeous artisan coffee photography.

A New Position_

The revamped social media aesthetic was modern, clean and appealed to the millennial audience with an emphasis on four key communication pillars: taste, ease, convenience, and environmental benefits.
The first big campaign after the rebrand was The Pour-Over™ Pledge, which came with irresistable perks.


The Pour-Over™ Pledge included a promotional bundle containing the essentials to start brewing Pour-Over™ coffee at home for 30 days, plus a limited-edition mug - all for free. The bundle was so popular at launch time that we sold out within the first week!

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